Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hi I am Todd Stroger and I have just started my blog to see how the voters of Cook County feel about things.

Hi! And Welcome to my Blog!

I am Todd Stroger and I am doing the very best that I can to be the best President of Cook County. I love this county. I am doing everything I can not to raise taxes. Your taxes have increased every year for the last thirteen years and it's time to stop. I know how hard it is to be a tax payer. I am doing my best to keep from raising your taxes.
I do have people that will not cooperate with me and they are putting up a fight, and making it very difficult for me. I have asked all departments to work with me, but some think they don't have to, they would rather give me an attitude. All areas are being treated fairly and I am asking all to cut 17%, so I am not giving special treatment. Some think they should be allowed special treatment. Wrong! It's time for them to work with me!
I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks! Todd


LetsGetReal said...

You were handed the position from your father without the "vote-in". You pay your Financial CFO more than the former even though you said you wouldn't. Keep on filling the pockets of your Kronies while taking the hard earned money out of our pockets. Do you still have the city paying your front row tickets at the Bulls games? Hmmmmmm. You should be ashamed of yourself. Can't wait to vote you out after all the damage you have caused. Nice tax hike.

Taxmandan said...

You and your fat cousin need to get the hell out of Cook County. Anyone but Stroger for me.

Todd Stroger you are a crook.

Toddsacrook said...

Mr. Stroger, you are a crook and reinforce my name of this damn county as Crook County. You are proof that Chicagoland voters are stupid and will vote for anyone that happens to have a D next to his name. I recently was on vacation in Tennessee, and it reaffirm my theory of how screwed up Illinois is. I won't be a Crook County resident much longer. So keep extorting money under the guise of taxes from the sheep who voted for you. You are destroying Cook County.


A frustrated, overtaxed individual.

_ said...

This blog is awesome. Props to you for starting it and interacting with your people. Can you tell me who is in charge of the Forest Preserve? I just got the shaft from a park district officer who said my boat is not legal for the Saganashkee Slough, and that if I took it out again he'd come get me and arrest me.