Thursday, February 15, 2007

Being Todd Stroger is not easy.

Now they are selling things with my picture

Yes, I have to laugh at what is being sold or said about me. This is politics and this is freedom of speech. Yes, people will hang on your every word and run with it.

Yes, you have to stick to your guns. There are a lot of people who aren't going to like it, and a lot that will, that's politics.

I have accomplished having the Cook County Board working together in a bipartisan manner. They have every right to work together to come up with a better solution for the budget. I give them credit for all their hard work. Some things I will agree with some I will not. I appreciate all their efforts.


brandon001223 said...

Life's not easy!

irv said...

peoplecannot go to John Stroger Hospital with confidence that they will not be able to pick up there medicine. Yhere is laughfing and food eating behinds the pharmacy counter twice i had ti go geet patient advocate to help me get my medicine. This is a big joke and needs to be corrected at all cost becasue there will be a riot one dAY. AND THE PERSON WHO IS LETTING THIS HAPPEN IS SUPERVISOR SHAGUFTA MOINUDDIN AT THE FANTUS PHARMACY I WAITED 3 HOURS THEY ARE SCREWED UP AND NEED TOOD STROGER HELP. ASAP AND SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GET FIRED. i DECIDED I WILL NOT GO AWAY AND MUST GET INVOLVED TO INCREASE PRODUCTION AT TAHT FPHARMACY YOU HAVE MY EAMIL ADDR PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE IT GETTS OUT OF HAND

Greg said...

Is this site for real??? Where did you learn how to write Todd??? Chicago Public Schools???Your an embarrasment to yourself and Cook County.

Anonymous said...

Todd you are a great public servant. The only thing is that I don't think that you raised sales taxes high enough. I would have gone for a 20% sales tax so that you could hire more imbecile relatives. Maybe you should run for President of these United States.