Saturday, March 24, 2007

Todd Stroger is President and the Election is over

I will continue to leave my site up and update it, because I am the President of Cook County.

Yes, I won the election, and the election is over. There are still Commissioners who have not come to terms with this. They still think there is an election going on.

I was able to pass the Cook County budget and with Republican support from, Commissioners Gorman, Goslin, and Silvestri. I have proved I can work in a bipartisan manner. I will continue to prove I was the right choice for President of Cook County. Others can waste their time on the campaign trail, or they can use their energy to tend to current business. I have chosen to work on current business and give it my full attention, my hard work, and dedication. My accomplishments will be enough to help me in the next election.

Might as well leave my site up and running!

Tony Peraica, Cook County President site still up and being updated

Another Commissioner running by actions and not Internet