Saturday, March 24, 2007

Todd Stroger is President and the Election is over

I will continue to leave my site up and update it, because I am the President of Cook County.

Yes, I won the election, and the election is over. There are still Commissioners who have not come to terms with this. They still think there is an election going on.

I was able to pass the Cook County budget and with Republican support from, Commissioners Gorman, Goslin, and Silvestri. I have proved I can work in a bipartisan manner. I will continue to prove I was the right choice for President of Cook County. Others can waste their time on the campaign trail, or they can use their energy to tend to current business. I have chosen to work on current business and give it my full attention, my hard work, and dedication. My accomplishments will be enough to help me in the next election.

Might as well leave my site up and running!

Tony Peraica, Cook County President site still up and being updated

Another Commissioner running by actions and not Internet


jwhite1202 said...

Yes the election is over and the robbery has begun. You are a crook. PERIOD!!

linda said...

Are you insane? Our cook county pockets are not endless. Get rid of your cronies. That will save enough in taxes to pay the whole Cook County budget! How much longer is the raping of the Cook county taxpayer going to go on?

Petruce Carrier said...


christophersmf said...

Do you not realize the harm of increasing sales tax by 2% will do to the local businesses will do? Don't you understand how hard it is for people right now? An additional 6 cents on already over priced gas? Make cuts, reduce services, delay projects, freeze hiring. If those are the decisions you have to make then do it. There are ALOT of people in your county hanging on by thier finger nails. Have you no compassion?

Taxmandan said...
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Rob S said...

Mr. Stoger, you are a crook and a liar. You have lied from day one. You gave your NIECE a raise that is more than many people I know's yearly salary. I listen to your trash about cuts and tightening the belt, then you pull this. Your removal from office cannot come quick enough.

If you truely care about the residents of Cook County, resign immediately!

Truth56 said...

you suck Todd, why do you continue to rape Cook county. Do us a favor and resign from office

dbqb34 said...

Hey Stroger, even tho you will not be reading this, I thought I might just tell you what i think of you. Your a crook and and should just resign from office because your a dumbass who does not know how to handle any situation. If you can comment back one person in the government who thinks your a normal guy, Ill eat my own jockstrap.

Have a great day you PRICK!!!!!!!!