Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Todd Stroger has a blog.

I got the idea for starting my own blog when I found out Barak Obama had started one.

Barak Obama

I have been extremely busy working on the budget that is due shortly. I had a very limited amount of time to go over the extraordinarily large amount of details and data. I have worked very hard with Dr. Robert Simon, and he has been working very hard on the Health care budget. Actually everyone has been working very hard at balancing the Cook County Budget and I appreciate everyone's efforts, and they will not go unnoticed.

I have been unable to attend any public hearings due to the large amount of time I must spend on the budget. I don't have a minute to spare at this point. I am trying very hard to be fair to all departments, but the needs of the Cook County residents are very important to me. So is sticking to my campaign promise of not raising taxes as so many residents have expressed their importance of this.

I am trying very hard to start with a new budget on March 1st, a new improved budget to get Cook County moving in the right direction. I appreciate everyone's patience. I intend to keep Cook County moving in the right direction, and I have a lot of work ahead of me. I accept this challenge willingly, and will keep working with much ambition.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Being Todd Stroger is not easy.

Now they are selling things with my picture

Yes, I have to laugh at what is being sold or said about me. This is politics and this is freedom of speech. Yes, people will hang on your every word and run with it.

Yes, you have to stick to your guns. There are a lot of people who aren't going to like it, and a lot that will, that's politics.

I have accomplished having the Cook County Board working together in a bipartisan manner. They have every right to work together to come up with a better solution for the budget. I give them credit for all their hard work. Some things I will agree with some I will not. I appreciate all their efforts.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hi I am Todd Stroger and I have just started my blog to see how the voters of Cook County feel about things.

Hi! And Welcome to my Blog!

I am Todd Stroger and I am doing the very best that I can to be the best President of Cook County. I love this county. I am doing everything I can not to raise taxes. Your taxes have increased every year for the last thirteen years and it's time to stop. I know how hard it is to be a tax payer. I am doing my best to keep from raising your taxes.
I do have people that will not cooperate with me and they are putting up a fight, and making it very difficult for me. I have asked all departments to work with me, but some think they don't have to, they would rather give me an attitude. All areas are being treated fairly and I am asking all to cut 17%, so I am not giving special treatment. Some think they should be allowed special treatment. Wrong! It's time for them to work with me!
I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks! Todd